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Calorie Calculation Service

Calorie Calculation Service


This Package includes all of the following:

  1. Individual Calorie & Macro Calculations unique to you
  2. 121 Nutrition Consultation with me
  3. Nutrition Booklet with information about calories, tracking, socializing, sleep, movement, hydration and more
  4. Recipe E-Book with pre-calculated calories for each recipe
  • Product Information

    This package is a one-off payment and includes:

    1. Calculation of your individual calories and macros for either fat loss, maintenance or body recomposition
    2. 121 Nutrition consultation with me
    3. Nutrition Booklet which provides information on Tracking, Calories, Macros, Meal Planning, Grocery Shopping, Socialising, Meals out, Movement, Sleep, Hydration and Supplementation
    4. Recipe E-Book which includes over 40 recipes with calories and macros already pre-calculated for you.


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