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A Little Bit About Me

Hey there!
I’m Davida, a nutritionist, and personal trainer with a masters in the practice of Health Promotion.
I also have over 10 years experience in senior leadership roles in a corporate business environment. I now help people to improve their relationship with food, supporting them to move away from fad diets and disordered eating in order to feel healthier, stronger and more confident in themselves.
I am a mum of three and I know what it feels like to be super busy, tired and like there aren’t enough hours in the day to give priority to your own health and fitness. 
I will show you that you do not have to over exercise, over restrict  or miss out on a social life in order to reach your goals. I  am here to support you in finding balance and in continuing to sustain a healthy, enjoyable lifestyle in the long term.
My coaching is different, from many 6 or 8 week group challenges out there. I take a fully personalised, 1 to 1 approach, tailoring everything to you as a unique individual. 

I am as invested in your goals as you are and I will work together with you achieve them.

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